Laura Bronson

Laura Bronson

Laura Bronson

Laura is based in Toronto and travels around the world as a missionary inspiring thousands of young people to be real in their faith. Laura ministers through the arts including DJing, graffiti, skateboarding, breakdancing, rap, YouTube vlogs, speaking and fashion. The keep it real crew was started 10 years ago and they now travel to schools, skateparks, church’s, camps and drop in centres to share the gospel in a relevant way.


Tel: (905) 517-3422

Speaking Topics

  • How to be real in your faith
  • How to tell other people about Jesus
  • Creative ways to reach out to others with your gifts
  • Respect others (antibully message for schools)
  • How to mentor others and get mentored
  • Digital evangelism, how God can use social media
  • Invest into the next generation

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